This 1984 marker is placed at about 60 Plymouth Avenue, not 36 Plymouth where it belongs. But the information it presents is accurate.

This gated parking lot (just southeast of the Hochstein Music School) appears to be the approximate location of No. 36 Plymouth Avenue North. A building just southeast of it, just off the right-hand side of this image, is No. 20. By comparison, the Hochstein Music School, visible at left, is No. 50.

In this view, looking northwest, the entire structure of the Hochstein Music School can be seen behind the parking lot where the Anti-Slavery office/Post residence is presumed to have stood.

Amy Post (1802–1889)

Amy Post (1802–1889)

Amy Post (1802–1899), abolitionist, feminist, and (after her way) freethinker, was among Rochester's foremost reform activists.

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